Caversham, NZ

Enrollment Information

Pre-school Visits

We welcome visits to or enquiries from parents of pre-school children. Our preschool school visits are held on Wednesday afternoons from 1:40 – 3:00pm. The class teachers will organise morning visits for pre-schoolers with parents closer to the child’s 5th birthday.

Carisbrook School Daily Timetable
School Commences 9.00 am
Morning Break 11.00 am
Second Session Commences 11.30 am
Lunch 12.50 pm
Afternoon Session Commences 1.40 pm
School Finishes 3.00 pm
* As staff are not on duty before 8.30am, children are asked not to arrive at school before this time.
Carisbrook School Term Dates 2019
Term 1 4th Feb To 12th April
Term 2 29th April To 5th July
Term 3 22nd July To 27th September
Term 4 14th October To 20th December @3.00pm
Statutory Holidays 2019
The school will also observe the following statutory holidays during the year:-
Waitangi Day Wednesday 6th February
Otago Anniversary Day Monday 2th March
Queen’s Birthday Monday 3rd June
Labour Day Monday 28th October

Activities Fee

The Activity Fee covers the cost of pupil activities for the year excluding school camps (the costs of school camps vary depending on the duration and nature of the camps) and swimming. The activity fee will cover excursions to the Museum, Art Gallery, Edgar Centre, Performances and other excursions. Parents will be sent an invoice early in the term. Fees can be paid off throughout the year, including direct credits. This can be organised by our administration team.

The Activity Fees for 2018 are:

1 child $40.00 per year
2 children $70.00 per year
3 children or more $100.00 per year


Stationary packs are available from the School Office or you are welcome to pick up a stationery list and purchase the items elsewhere.


Stationary packs are available from the School Office or you are welcome to pick up a stationery list and purchase the items elsewhere.

Carisbrook T-shirt Year 1-8
Polar Fleece Jacket Year 1-8

It is also expected that students wear navy blue or black shorts or track pants as part of the uniform.

Reporting to Parents

All children will receive two reports each year. Juniors - after 6 months, 1 year, 18 months, 2 years, 30 months and 3 years at school. Year 4 to 8 - written reports are sent to parents in Terms 2 and 4. Parent interviews are organised after the first reports go out but can also be arranged with the class teacher as and when needed.

Meet the Teacher:- An opportunity for parents & caregivers to meet the teacher at the start of the school year.
Written Reports – Mid Year: These reports will be sent out mid year.
Parent-Teacher Interviews: Parent Teacher Interviews will take place in mid year.
Written Reports – End of Year: These reports will be sent out at the end of year.