Carisbrook School provides a wide variety of opportunities for students to participate in sport and other recreational activities. The most popular sports that Carisbrook School students participate in afterschool competitions are rippa rugby, netball, basketball and Futsal. 
As well as the after school sports opportunities provided for Carisbrook students there are numerous sports and recreation activities held at school for students. Some of these are mentioned below.
Mr Tony Roche is the Teacher in charge of sport at Carisbrook school. This year we hope to build up a list of Teachers, whanau and friends with the right skill set to join us in this rewarding activity of Coaching and Managing.
 Miniball - Terms 2 & 3.
 Miniball is a popular sport at Carisbrook. A previous years senior miniball team displays the Carisbrook miniball uniforms.
 Our basketball court is a popular venue at breaks with students taking the opportunity to shoot hoops.
The Dunedin miniball competition takes place in terms 2 and 3 and is held at the Edgar Centre.
A notice will go home to parents later this term with information about the 2020 miniball competitions.
(Below) Miniball coaching sessions were held for all classes and taught by Otago Nuggets players.

  Cross Country.
Carisbrook School holds an annual cross country for the Middle Team and Senior Team students. Our top cross country runners are then selected to compete in the Ariki Cup teams event and the Otago Cross country Champs for individuals.

  Edgar Centre Sports Days.
Each year Carisbrook students get the opportunity to attend the Edgar Sports days organised by the Sports Institute of Otago. The Sports Institute trainees provide our students with sports coaching and activities in a wide variety of sports.

  Cycle Skills Course -



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  Rippa Rugby - Term 1 & 4:
The Rippa Rugby competition is held in Terms 1 & 4 at the Edgar Centre.  There are three competitions; Year 3 & 4, Year 5 & 6, and Year 7 & 8.
The competition is held on Monday afternoons. Interested students received information and permission slips to complete and return.

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 Netball - Term 2 & 3:
The Netball competition runs in Terms 2 & 3 and is also held at the Edgar Centre.
There are three competitions; Year 3 & 4, Year 5 & 6, and Year 7 & 8.
 Information and permission slips will be sent home in week 8 of Term One. 

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